Application Questions and Selection Criteria

Short Answer Questions

The online GCC application includes the following short answer questions. The response for each question should be no longer than 1,500 characters (including spaces).

  1. Why are you interested in the Global Competence Certificate?
  2. What prior experiences do you bring to the program? How will these experiences contribute to your and your peers’ learning?
  3. How will the GCC help you in your personal and professional life? How do you think you will use the learning you gain in the GCC?
  4. Please discuss whether and how global competence education can lead to better educational outcomes for students.
  5. Please discuss your communication and collaboration style. How will you apply and adapt it in various GCC components including: synchronous and asynchronous online coursework, virtual Collaborative Practice Groups, and the global fieldwork?
  6. The GCC is a rigorous online certificate program designed for in-service educators. Considering that teachers lead very busy lives, please reflect on how you will balance the program work with your other professional and personal responsibilities.
  7. A core component of the program is 2-3 weeks of summer global fieldwork. What do you anticipate you will learn as an educator and a person through the fieldwork experience?

Participant Selection Criteria

  1. Interest and commitment to global competence education
  2. Compelling purpose for applying to the GCC
  3. An open, communicative, and collaborative disposition
  4. Strong academic background and preparedness for program rigor (minimum bachelor’s degree required)
  5. Professional experience (minimum 2 years) that will enhance constructive participation
  6. Technological proficiency (basic navigation and word processing skills; broadband internet access)
  7. Commitment to participate fully in all aspects of the program