Leading Innovation in Global Competence for ALL Students

kim3I returned from my Global Competence Certificate summer fieldwork experience in Ecuador in 2015 with lots of new ideas, professional allies, and many, many questions. As a result of the deep thinking I had done in the GCC Introduction to Global Competence course, the core of my questions revolved around how I, as an individual classroom teacher, could advocate and facilitate the inclusion of globally competent content and pedagogy in grade 9-12 History Department standards. Prior to my GCC experience, I had seen this done in upper-level electives (for example, in our own department, we added a “Contemporary World Issues” course), project-based learning, and afterschool clubs and activities. I love these innovative ways that global competency has become a bigger part of the K-12 experience, especially since so many of these actions are student-driven. But I was left wondering is being globally competent really something only certain students can “opt-in” to, or is it a skill that should be required of all?

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